Quick Guide in Making Good Videos for Blogs

Marketing is shifting towards an entirely new direction due to the new features that technology is evolving to support. No longer is text alone sufficient to produce success with new and established users. They crave interactive media in the form of video marketing.

This change can be likened to how marketing using magazines became overshadowed by the radio and television.

The problem with using video on a website is that it’s difficult to create one effective video after another. This consistency is required for long-term success.

Let’s examine some easy steps in creating a good marketing video to see how consistent results can be achieved using video advertising on blogs, websites and other web properties.

1. Define the Goals of the Video

As with all things related to marketing, defining goals before beginning a project is an essential step in creating media that has the qualities of a good video.

When drawing up those goals, there are two types of goals: immediate and long-term goals.

Immediate goals are related to what a viewer thinks or feels immediately after watching a video. They may be to grab a user’s attention, to keep them on a website longer, to explore more content, or to subscribe to a channel.

Long-term goals reflect the overall purpose of a video campaign. These generally are things like increasing product sales, building customer loyalty, increasing the “buzz” surrounding something, or building interest during the pre-release of a product.

Determining these goals is the first step in creating a successful video. These goals must be determined before video creation begins to ensure that every video has the best chance at success.

2. Look at Successful Videos

Determining what works with a given audience is easier than it looks. By exploring videos that competitors and other businesses have used successfully, it is possible to determine what kind of content visitors want to see.

For example, the annual Super Bowl advertisements that companies post on YouTube show how to create short videos with an advertisement purpose. These unique videos hinge on using humor and emotion to make customers think and feel certain ways.

Integrate these qualities of a good video to create videos that excel with the right audiences.

3. Determine Metrics and Their Meaning

Many video platforms support a variety of metrics. YouTube has subscribers, views, regional information and a plethora of different types of data that make determining who likes what possible.

It’s important to determine what these metrics mean. These meanings then need to be considered after each new video is published to ensure that video marketing campaigns can stay effective.

4. Publish at the Right Times

When businesses begin to build a loyal viewership or even just interest in their videos, they begin to build what is known as clout. This is the term that refers to the interest that audiences have in the content that this business is publishing.

Publishing videos consistently is an important part of building this cloud. It keeps viewers interested while providing new content that should be appealing to them.

The time and date that videos are published is the other component in video publishing They need to be posted at the proper time to gain popularity while having the ability to be spread, which in turn multiplies the usefulness of any given video.

5. Repeat the Process

Successful videos usually aren’t built in a day. It takes a significant amount of trial and error to determine what types of videos will be the most effective with certain audiences.

Consistently publishing new videos will lead to success. By continually tweaking and adjusting the methods used in the creation of videos, each subsequent piece of media will become more effective with its target audiences.

Creating Successful Videos Requires Consistent Effort

While the above easy steps in creating a good marketing video can be followed by anyone, the problem with video campaigns is that they are seldom followed consistently. Carefully interpreting metrics, understanding what motivates audiences to like a video, and knowing how to create popular videos are all things that come with experience.

The only way to acquire this experience is to consistently follow the methods listed above for creating video.

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